9 Must-Have Travel and Outdoor Adventure Apps

iOS and Android
For outdoor lovers looking for hiking, running, or biking trails with over 50,000 trails to choose from

A transport map that helps you navigate your way around different cities across the globe.

GateGuru is an app that helps you improve your airport experience. Find information about wait times, in-airport amenities like shops and restaurants, and more.

Find last-minute hotel deals. Get the best value for your money when booking accommodations at great hotels for up to one week before your stay.

Make layovers as relaxing as possible with the help of this app. Find lounges and the best in-airport places where you can chill out while waiting for your flight.

National Parks by National Geographic
Find the information on over twenty national parks in the US. Plan your outdoor adventure with the help of maps and information on the must-see sights and attractions.

Keep track of the weather using this app. Know about possible storms, expected showers, and other related updates in your various destinations

If you love road trips, then this app is for you. It provides a wide array of information that will help you plan your road trips including campgrounds, rest stops, and dining options.

SAS Survival Guide
iOS and Android
Go on survivor mode with this app. This outdoor survival guide will help you learn how to forage or start a fire in the wild.